Future Gincker

Distributed platform, easy-to-use, and ability to create and deliver dynamic content are the key features of Gincker. These features make Gincker suitable not only for graphics and technical analysis but also for other fields as well, i.e., Gincker is much bigger than graphics and technical analysis! In the future, we will extend Gincker’s applications to every aspects of our daily life.

Future Gincker will have the following features:

  • Gincker can be any app. Gincker can have wide applications in various fields. We plan to apply Gincker to the following fields in near future: numerical methods, education, mathematical and physics modeling, artificial intelligence (AI), gaming, and other scientific and engineering fields. In fact, we can convert any software packages, business applications, or software services from SaaS (Software as a service) or ASP (application service provider) into templates and integrate them into Gincker. It is also possible for Gincker to find applications in the social science fields. This means that any software package, business application, or software service is simply a template on the Gincker platform.
  • Gincker will be for everyone. We will keep the future Gincker as an SaaT-based web-distributed platform without the need to install anything on a user’s local machine. We will continue to improve Gincker’s user interface and put the easy-to-use feature as our top priority. Gincker will further encapsulate and centralize all the complex programming and implementation details into its internal core engine, while exposing a simple and common interface to users. We will let users believe that using Gincker is as simple as using a calculator.
  • Gincker will be everywhere. Due to its ability to create and deliver dynamic content, we will gradually make Gincker an effective communication tool in our daily life. For example, when communicating with colleagues to discuss computation results or a stock trading strategy, you do not need to send an email with a large attachment anymore; simply include a gincker in your email instead.
  • Gincker will be a live-trading platform. We will add more features to the technical analysis templates so that the individual traders and investors can backtest their trading strategies and go to live trading on Gincker in a seamless fashion. 
  • Private Gincker. Previously, we mentioned that the platform allows users to save their work as either open or confidential ginckers. However, both open and confidential ginckers are created using the public templates implemented on the Gincker platform. In the future, we will allow corporations, organizations, schools, or government agencies to implement their own templates on Gincker. We will provide support to help them convert their software packages, business applications, or software services into templates. Those templates and corresponding output ginckers will be private and will only be able to be used within the organization who developed them.
  • Smart Gincker. As the number of templates and ginckers on the platform increases, we will gradually make Gincker become a true expert system with AI capability. It will be able to pick and recommend the right templates and ginckers to users according to the user’s background and other attributes. We hope Gincker will become smart enough to generate graphics or other output content automatically according to the user’s specifications or simple descriptions without even needing to provide a mathematical formula or input data.

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