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What is the saved gincker?

After creating your charts, graphics, or trading strategies on the Gincker platform, you will save the result as a gincker - the unique URL link. You can bookmark the gincker for later use or share it with friends, colleagues, or other users. The saved gincker has the ability to deliver DYNAMIC graphics content, namely, users can use the gincker to regenerate, manipulate, modify, and customize the chart/graphics or trading strategies to meet their own requirements.

Currently, we have place several hundreds of free and paid ginckers to the Marketplace. These sample ginckers not only show the power and capability of the Gincker platform, but also illustrate the procedure and format used in creating charts, graphics, and trading strategies using different templates.

Another advantage of using gincker is its small file size: it is simply a single line of text with the format “{template}#{xxxxxxxxxx}”, which is shorter than a Twitter message. A saved gincker consists of three parts: that is our website name, the template name, and ten randomly generated characters that are used to identify the gincker. Therefore, exchanging ginckers over the Internet will be much faster and more efficient than transmitting large graphics or image files.

Why the gincker link does not work?

Usually, Gincker will automatically generate corresponding output when you click on a saved gincker link. For example, the platform will create a 3D globoid surface when clicking on this gincker. However, sometimes, some broswers may not generate the output automatically for you after clicking on the saved gincker. In  this case, you need to refresh your  broswer to get the result.

Why is the website so slow?

Typically, a web application will always takes extra time to load if the page involves complicated implementations. After the first request, the compiled resources are cached, so the subsequent requests could be much faster. Gincker is a big and complicated platform. You may feel little bit slow on your first access to Gincker. Please be patient. It will become faster and faster for subsequent requests.






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